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The Restoration Continues

IMG_1352 IMG_1365 north porch 4 windows brickpointing 20151007_084329 IMG_1585

Summer 2015: Work Has Begun!

North porch view

Night view of the Inn on July 23, 2015. General Contractor Rich & Gardner, who arrived on site to begin exterior work on July 13, sets up to begin window restoration and necessary demolition of non-historic features.



West-side shed, added mid-20th century, that once connected the kitchen to the main floor bar.


J Davies disposing of glass from westside shed

Local mason and friend of The Inn Jeff Davies (of Davies Masonry, Sherburne) volunteers to help clean out the shed before demolition, July 26, 2015


west view, windows behind shed

Shed removed, August 4, 2015


roof from mb2

North view, August 5, 2015, which shows add-on roof (moss covered, left side of photo) not original to the building. Note windows are covered from inside as window restoration is underway.

roof from mb 6

Roof coming off…

roof from mb 10

Roof gone, August 5, 2015. Original historic north façade re-emerges.


dining porch 6Dining porch windows (east side), August 7, 2015


dining porch 3

Dining porch windows removed for restoration, August 7, 2015

Watch this space for continuing project updates!

July 13, 2015

After more than two years since the project began, SSIRP’s general contractor Rich & Gardner of Syracuse began work on The Sherburne Inn on June 13, 2015. Exterior work will be accomplished in Phase 1 of the plan, including brick pointing, window restoration, column restoration, trim painting, building of handicapped ramp, and necessary demolition to restore historic features. SSIRP thanks the community for its generosity, support, and patience!

September 2014

SSIRP hoped to have begun work on The Sherburne Inn this summer. However, we have been delayed by state “red tape.” We recently received our state contract for the economic development grant ($500,000) awarded to us in December 2013, and are now waiting for the State Attorney General to sign off. Once that happens, we will go out to bid and, if the weather holds, hope to get started on exterior work at the end of this year.

Our architects, Crawford & Stearns, have produced initial drawings, which include an addition on the west side of the building for an elevator and a new entrance. We have several exciting fundraisers planned for the coming months. Please watch this space, or visit us on our Facebook page, for updates.

On July 28, a team of volunteers from Unison-GE arrived at the Inn and removed 5 tons of debris from the basement, dining room, and kitchen. These preparations are important as we prepare for renovation.

Finally, Memories of the Inn, Volume 1, has been published by our sister organization The INNsiders and is available for purchase locally and online at Log Cabin Books Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Sherburne in its early days, and about the history of The Sherburne Inn. Cost is just $15.

Our thanks go out to all who have contributed to this important community project!

Fall 2013 (The Squeaky Pen)

A year ago yesterday (October 15, 2012), there was a very good chance that The Sherburne Inn, the century-old landmark located in the heart of Sherburne’s downtown historic district, would be torn down and replaced by a convenience store and gas station. Twenty-four hours later — a year ago today — Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project signed a purchase agreement to buy the building.

It’s been quite a year. In just 12 months, SSIRP has:

  • confirmed that The Sherburne Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places;
  • incorporated as a nonprofit, and received nonprofit status, thereby allowing individuals and corporations tax deductible contributions to saving The Inn;
  • formed a nine-member volunteer board of directors;
  • secured legal and financial counsel;
  • raised $165,000 to buy The Inn, purchase of which was finalized on April 25;
  • launched a community fundraising campaign that raised more than $25,000;
  • launched a website and a Facebook page;
  • applied for, and received, a $50,000 grant from the Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund;
  • applied for other grants, both local and state, results of which are pending;
  • received dozens of letters of support from local, regional, and state politicians, from area business leaders, and from individuals in the community;
  • met with Senator James Seward, who toured the building and commended our vision and our progress;
  • been recognized by The National Trust for Historic Preservation on its blog, Preservation Nation; The National Trust intends to follow our progress, possibly in the nationally distributed publication, Preservation, going forward. The National Trust also advised that SSIRP is doing what The Trust encourages all citizens to do when historic treasures are threatened — that is, rise up and take action;
  • presented its vision to area businesses, service organizations, and village and town representatives;
  • produced a video about the project, with the help of the Chenango County Chamber of Commerce and Krazed Kat Media;
  • launched an Indiegogo internet fundraising campaign; (the campaign ends today);
  • been featured on Mohawk Valley Living

SSIRP also has a sister organization, The INNsiders, which is collecting oral and written history about The Inn, with plans to publish. If you have a special memory about The Inn and would like to have it included with other INNsider memories, please visit our website and share your story.

These are the highlights of the last year, and we hope to have some exciting announcements in the coming months with regard to fundraising, professional consultants, and potential affiliations. As I’ve said to many people, SSIRP may have appeared quiet; but we’ve been very busy behind the scenes building a solid foundation for this project. It is a step-by-step process, and the correct steps take time.

Small towns are wonderful in many ways. In other ways, however, they are…challenging. Unfounded rumors tend to circulate, and diner talk is bountiful. SSIRP board members have elected to ignore most of the rumors because, quite frankly, we’re just too busy to worry about them. However, there is one rumor that requires clarification, so allow me to put it to rest once and for all: no matter what you may have heard, SSIRP is paying taxes on the building. Taxes are part of our operating budget, as are costs for insurance and utilities. Bear in mind as well that grant funding cannot be used for operating costs, making donations from businesses and individuals vital to keeping this train on the track.

To all of you who have supported us over the last year financially, as volunteers, and as our “cheerleaders,” thank you! And to those who are still on the fence about our bringing back The Sherburne Inn, we hope to change your minds as work on the building begins, and the next year rolls out.

Sherburne is a wonderful community, and this is a wonderful community project. It’s been a long, sometimes hard, and frequently remarkable year. We feel the best is yet to come.

Sherburne Inn Update: 1-29-13

The Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project (SSIRP) has made great progress over the past few months. First, we have elected a nine-member Board of Directors:

  • Kathleen Yasas, President
  • Chris Hoffman, Vice President
  • Peg Jeffrey, Treasurer
  • Rose Tenney, Secretary
  • Board members: Vince Yacono, Alice Newman, Jim McDaniel, Kristina Rodriguez, and Steve Perrin.  Steve has also agreed to serve as our Project Manager, bringing to the table his experience in overseeing a three-year, $48 million building project at two BOCES campuses

In addition, the SSIRP group has:

  • Secured the professional services of Maureen Perrin, Esq., of Lafayette, and Roy Fuller, CPA, of Piaker & Lyons in Norwich
  • Received its incorporation from the State of New York on January 15, 2013
  • Applied for nonprofit status, which is pending
  • Made great progress on finalizing its business plan
  • Begun researching grant opportunities
  • Opened up lines of communication with potential corporate patrons
  • Introduced a new a logo, expertly designed by Scott Braun of KrazedKat Designs
  • Launched an SSIRP Facebook page
  • Begun, with direction from Dr. Bill Au of Sherburne, a “Preserving Oral Traditions” initiative, which will work in tandem with SSIRP’s preservation efforts on the Inn
  • Launched an SSIRP website, managed by Jim Hoefler, a native of Sherburne and a current resident of Carlisle, PA

JoAnne Hoefler of Hoefler Communications and a native of Earlville, is heading up our volunteer efforts. Our volunteer list is large and growing, with services offered that include but are not limited to construction, drywall, plumbing, painting, woodworking, electric, technology wiring, masonry, public relations, writing, editing, design, event planning, historic preservation, restaurant management, and much more. If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact JoAnne at [email protected]

Most importantly, we have launched our community fundraising campaign. We have held two successful fundraisers, and SSIRP is now accepting donations. Once our nonprofit status is approved, donations will be deductible to the fullest extent of the law as of our incorporation date of January 15, 2013. Donations in ANY amount are welcome and can be made as follows:

  • Check:  payable to SSIRP; mail to SSIRP, P.O. Box 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460
  • Online via credit card or PayPal: (click on the Contribute link)

In the coming weeks, our direct mail campaign will begin. Please watch the mail for our brochure and donation form.

Our goal is not only to preserve the building, but to create a venue in Sherburne that will include a restaurant, bar, guest rooms, event space, gift shop, salon, bakery, and fitness center, all of which will appeal to local and out-of-area customers. We further hope that our model will be a template for other communities whose historic properties are at risk.
Our sights are high, as they should be.

Overall, this has been a challenging though rewarding few months. SSIRP may have seemed quiet, but in fact we all have been working diligently to turn the lights back on in downtown Sherburne. Time has taken its toll on The Sherburne Inn, but she still stands strong and ready for rebirth. Your help, suggestions, services, donations, and elbow grease are needed… because sometimes it does indeed take a village.

Sherburne Inn Update: 1-22-13

Much has been happening with The Sherburne Inn project in the last month.

  • Our nine-member board of directors is complete (profiles of each member will soon be posted on our website).
  • Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project is officially incorporated with the State of New York and our application for nonprofit status is ready to send off for approval.
  • Our business plan is under review by the board and approaching finalization.
  • Our volunteer list continues to grow; soon we will post a discovery survey on our website that will help us clarify the skills of our volunteers so that we can call upon you for specific needs as the project moves forward.
  • We are initiating a weekly column in The Sherburne News as a way to keep everyone updated on where we are, and to provide a look back at the rich history of The Sherburne Inn.
  • Most importantly, in the coming days we will launch our fundraising campaign. The board is hard at work developing a video of the project that we will use for Internet fundraising, and of course we will be working on grants and talking with potential corporate supporters in the days ahead. We will also be sending a fundraising brochure by mail and email. Please be as generous as possible, share with your contact network, and become a part of one of the most exciting community projects Sherburne has seen in many years.

For more information, stay tuned to:

Sherburne Inn Update: 11-30-12

The Save The Sherburne Inn Project is going, in a word, GREAT! In just six weeks, since the signing of a purchase agreement with owner Jim Webb, there has been a groundswell of support that has surprised all of us who were initially involved. We have created a presence here, on Facebook, and through word-of-mouth, and have received massive offers from volunteers, craftsmen, and others who want to contribute their services…for free. SSIRP is in its purest sense a meaningful and heartfelt community project. We may in fact, someday, serve as a template for other small towns whose historic sites are in jeopardy.

Questions have been raised about where we are. Following are some updates:

-We are expecting incorporation papers any day; once those papers have an official filing, we will proceed with establishment of a nonprofit status. We are hoping to be able to begin collecting financial pledges at the beginning of 2013. Please check back on this site for future updates as to when you can contribute.

-Monies collected will be deposited into an SSIRP bank account. Our financial committee will keep records of donations. Donations will be returned to patrons should the project not go forward. However, please understand that everyone involved in this project is donating their time and energy to be sure the Sherburne Inn is purchased, renovated, and reopened.

-We have elected a board of directors of SSIRP, have established by-laws, and will have our third meeting soon. Board members are: Kathleen Yasas, Chris Hoffman, Jim McDaniel, Rose Tenney, Peg Jeffrey, and Vince Yacono. We anticipate adding one more person to the board and will announce the seventh board member on this site when he/she is approved.

-We have secured an attorney and an accountant.

-Committees have been established and committee appointments are ongoing.

-We do not yet own the building, but a down payment to Mr. Webb is holding the property until April 1. We do not have information as to a purchase date but will announce the purchase here and on Facebook as soon as possible. SSIRP’s goal is to be as transparent as possible with our volunteers, patrons, and all others involved.

-In spite of the fact that we do not yet own the property, two fundraisers are ongoing: one, at the West State Barber Shop (by volunteer Wayne Murray), and another at Mountainview Gardens (by volunteer Tammy Sawyer). The latter is a poinsettia sale that will benefit SSIRP. Please see poinsettia sale info on this site. Others have offered to host fundraisers, which will be noted on this site when they are in progress.

-A group of volunteers, with Jim Webb’s permission, set up Christmas trees in the inside front porch of the Inn last Saturday, scraped vandals’ paint from windows, and in general gave the Inn a bit of TLC. There has been much conversation about these minor improvements — just a sign of what will happen once renovation of the Inn is underway.

-Our ultimate plan, which of course is in its early stages, is to reopen the property as a restaurant, bar, downstairs pub, guest rooms, event space, and, if possible, gift shop, bakery, fitness center, and salon. We are meeting with an architect soon to discuss these possibilities.

-We have our naysayers, and that’s okay. However, to those of you who feel this project cannot be accomplished, please be respectful of those who are volunteering so much time and energy to something this important to our community. We know there are many issues to overcome. Your negative comments on a public forum are not helpful, but are certainly welcome if they are offered as constructive suggestions.

-All in all, the project is going remarkably well. Of course, the hard work is ahead of us in raising funds for renovation. If you would like to volunteer to help, pledge a donation, know someone who might want to pledge, or are aware of a potential corporate (or other) sponsor, please let us know! To quote a well-loved film (Lord of the Rings), “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

THANK YOU to everyone who has thus far stepped forward. All of us together can make a difference.

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project Board of Directors

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