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  1. When I turned 16 I was thrilled to be able to start my first job as a waitress in our Sherburne Inn in 1947. It came as a shock to find out I was too young to serve drinks but a very kind, older girl — Bertha Potter — came to my rescue whenever she was needed. Bertha became one of the dearest people I knew and I will always remember how she helped me survive when I spilled coffee on a patron, a nicely dressed gentleman who sat with his wife waiting for dinner. He was so kind but I will never forget how I wanted to disappear forever. It was difficult to go to work on the second day but I did, and incidentally, it was much less eventful for which I was eternally grateful.
    — Katie Hoefler
    [email protected]

  2. I will never forget going with my dad (Walt Hoefler) to the Rotary’s weekly luncheon at the Sherburne Inn to receive a small scholarship award to attend college. I was a senior in high school in 1973 and I was so impressed with the upscale look and feel of the Inn that beautiful day when I joined my dad for lunch there. I look forward to the day when I can take my daughters to the Inn for another nice lunch so that I can reminisce with them about my big day with Grandpa Walt in 1973!
    — Jim Hoefler
    [email protected]

  3. So many lovely memories of yearly Easter dinners and family celebrations, one being my Grandparents (Paul & Marie Keefe’s ) 50th wedding anniversary that was held in the resreved front porch dining area. Sherburne Inn gave me one of my first piano playing ‘gigs’ when I had to provide piano background music for weddings. I’ll always remember my mother taking me out of school one lovely Spring day to have a special lunch for my 16th Birthday. It always felt like a very big deal to dine so well in a small town. There as hardly a thought to ‘go out of town’ for a nice sit down meal and I miss that.

  4. I remember Bill Acee calling me from the Sherburne Inn at one minute after midnight on my birthday, waking me from a sound sleep and urging me to get dressed and come to the Inn for cheer. Cheer we had, one and all, with Susan Taynor at the piano providing her dependable magic. I have earlier memories of S.T.R.U.T. playing downstairs in the “Rathskeller”…the old Giaquinto barbershop. Walt Burdick, Kevin Keefe, Marty Mettler, and Carl Pickett. The Mettlers celebrated some special occasions there in the 70’s, and I can remember Harry Young putting on a good Sunday brunch. Great times when John Meekins ran the Sherburne Village Inn….and great times when Ron Peebles ran it as The Bullthistle Inn. My earliest memories are from the Harvey Young days, with Don Tomaselli, George Nigolian and company at the bar.

  5. Having tended bar at the Sherburne Inn back in the late 70’s and early 80’s while Harry Young owned the building, My memories are many. One late afternoon with the bar lined up with ‘regulars’, John Day, Roger Nigolian, Charlie Daniels, Denny O’Conner and Jimmy Shaheen just to name a few, when in walked Bill Kehoe. Stopping at the end of the bar, and with a lost look like a kid not picked for a spot on a base ball team. Mr. Kehoe just stood there, jingling the loose change in his pockets…loudly. That’s when one of the regulars shouted out…”Go away Kehoe we ain’t dead yet!” Another summer Friday night at the end of a seafood buffet, Mary Mulligan came running out screaming from the back dining room as a bat was loose and swooping through the room and around her head. That’s when Biology Bill Brown grabbed a broom and went to her rescue. After a few minutes, out emerges Bill, triumphant with a dead bat on broom thistles and proceeds to give every one in the bar a lecture on this mousey, winged, nocturnal creature. In conclusion, he walked out the bar door to throw the bat into the side lawn and to everyone’s surprise…the bat flew away. The look on Bill Brown’s face. Priceless. Oh…I could go on. Just like many many others. The Sherburne Inn…a true gem so worthy to be restored.

  6. My mother, Inez “Inie” Benson, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, and her sister, my Aunt Cora Johnson (who did all that wonderful baking and what a baker she was), cooked those wonderful dinners and lunches (and don’t forget the rolls made fresh every day) in the days when Harvey and Nellie Young were so successful in running the Sherburne Inn. I worked next door for Austin Carpenter, and every day after work would walk in the back door to the kitchen and grab one of those wonderful sweet buns just out of the oven and spread on the melted butter which was always waiting nearby. My memories of the Inn are long and precious and I know my mother and Aunt Cora (who turned 98 in September) would love seeing the Inn restored to its glory days. It truly was a “gem” in the small town of Sherburne, New York. I hope I am around when it turns 100 restored in all its glory!

  7. My parents bought the Inn from Harvey and Nellie in ’75. I was a kid when Cora baked for us on the weekends. I couldn’t wait until the rolls and desserts were done so i could get the first picks. If any community can pull this off, Sherburne can. It will be great to wander those halls again!

  8. I waited on table at the Sherburne Inn when I was just 16 and still in high school. I was so proud to carry the trays full of food with one hand. Bertha Potter told me to just smile no matter what. We had revolving doors from the dining room to the kitchen and somebody was forever going through the wrong door with a tray of food. They needed a cook and I recommended my Mother, Inez Benson, who was unemployed from TACO. She had been a farmer’s wife and just plain cooked great meals. But it was a step up for her to do live lobsters. Great food was served but the Inn couldn’t make it on the meals alone. The bar profits kept them in business. I remember Harvey and Nellie Young, owners, lived upstairs and their son would run downstairs naked. Yike!s

    I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at the Inn. It was a wonderful landmark in Sherburne and terrible to see it get run down. Later years when I visited Band Pageant always good to stand on the Inn lawn. Another town, New Berlin, lost their beautiful Eagle Hotel. Blessings on your endeavors.

  9. My grandfather, Bucky Miner, was a Charter Member of the Sherburne Rotary Club. They held their meetings at The Sherburne Inn and, once a year, I would go with Grandpa to their “Bring Your Children” meeting…I remember it as a very exciting day, getting all dressed up and going to lunch with Grandpa. Back in the 1950’s …I am not sure of the actual year…the famous Duke Ellington and his orchestra played two performances in central NY…one at Colgate and the other in Cortland. They stayed at The Sherburne Inn. Harvey, the owner of the Inn, asked my grandfather if he would be willing to drive Duke Ellington and his manager to Colgate and Cortland (probably because Grandpa always drove a big Cadillac). It remained one of his favorite stories to tell for the rest of his life. He would proudly show everyone who came to the house at Christmas the card and note they received every year from Duke Ellington until his death.

  10. I remember the lazy summer days of Sherburne. The Sherburne Inn was the center of our village for The Pageant of Bands….Music in the air, crowds of people everywhere, the sun shining on the inns porch, then onto my face….the Geraniums in white porch boxes. Inside the Inn, waitresses with white aprons hurrying to wait on patrons, glasses and dishs clanking…..laughter coming from the bar….The reservation desk, the grand staircase……….The youngest Hufnagle boy painted their dog Jethro on the front porch with white paint…..Jethro then came inside…white paw prints in the lobby………..These are the days I long for again 🙂

    1. Thanks Fun to read all the comments. I loved working at the Inn. My rehearsal
      dinner was there when I married Bob Mathews way back in 1956.

  11. I remember when Ardean was the bartender and he was generous buying a round of Shlitz’s for us. After hours we would sometimes go into the kitchen and make excellent sandwiches. Other times “we” would start at the Inn and then head over to the “Zoo”. I used to get haircuts downstairs when I was in elementary school. I also remember the regulars that Mike M mentioned. I remember when Ardean and Gail got married and had the reception at the Inn. (remember Kevin). It used to be the best place for dinner in Sherburne (my opinion). Watching the Band Pageant from the roof was cool. It is sad to see it in its current condition, the few times a year I visit Sherburne.. I have many fond memories of good times,good music,good food, good friends congregating there, starting in the 1960’s.

  12. when the bat was captured at the inn, it was I that was at one end of the corridor while Bill Brown was at the other end, the bat flew between us and we both took swats as the bat charged between us , it was I that struct the fatal blow. Harry Young Sue Young says she was hysterical with laughter as she watched

  13. We were delighted to find a picture of the old Sherburne Inn in our mail box, some twenty miles north on 12B. In the 1960s and 1970s the Sherburne Inn was the place to go to in our area. As a young instructor at Colgate I remember being taken with my wife and all the other members with spouses of the Social Science Division to the annual end of the academic year dinner at the Inn. Later we would return for a Sunday dinner on our own. As the former mayor of Hamilton at a time when the village with the help of Colgate alumni was embarked on a major downtown historical restoration and revitalization project, I applaud the Village of Sherburne and the SSIRP on your efforts to restore the Inn to its former grandeur. Congratulations on your purchase of the property that augurs well for the next phase of your project. We are looking forward to being among the first patrons of the new restaurant when it opens. Keep in touch.
    — Charlie Naef

  14. In the 1970’s, we would stay at the Sherburne Inn while visiting our Dad, Harry Zimmermann. The footed bathtubs, the great Oak bar, then formal dining are all fond memories. I remember being awaken, by the chimes of the church bells across the street. We are so glad to hear of the impending renovation. Vive la Sherburne Inn! Leona Campbell Corbet (nee Zimmermann)

  15. All,
    I am reading your stories and telling my mother about them. My great-grandmother, Ada B. Young, was my mother’s grandmother. Her brother was Ardean Young. My mother went to the Sherburne Inn to visit Uncle Ardean, and then Harvey and Nellie. Mom says Nellie was a delightful person. Mom and Dad drove through Sherburne years ago and Mom was saddened to see that the Inn had fallen into disrepair. Yesterday Mom was telling me memories of the Inn and out of curiosity I googled it and discovered the renovation project. Mom is thrilled. Thank you to everyone who is making this happen.

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